Warrior pt. II

I’m going to keep it very real for a moment. The past week or so, I’ve been in the slums. I’ve reached yet another low in my life & again am having a hard time digging myself out. And of course, when you’re down, you can’t help but think about the past. It’s in those moments that I pick myself back up a little bit. Because I sit there and remember where I really was just a few months ago- mentally and physically. The battle today would seem impossible to the girl 5 months ago. The girl 5 months ago would have given up a long time ago. The woman today may feel stuck, she may feel lost, confused.. But there’s a flame of hope that’s only grown stronger. I may need to take a mental day every now and then, but I refuse to completely give up. And I know the girl from 5 months ago would be more than proud to know that. I’m a warrior.


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