Sensitive Souls Face Love

Their paths crossed on the night of the full moon, which seemed like fate. Connection undeniable. It’s as if they were both gazing into a mirror when peering into each other’s eyes. She could feel his brokenness but could see his gentle soul. He was still blind. 

She had been broken, but wasn’t incapable. Her empathic self had built walls over time. As did he. Walls that they both had a hard time breaking down. She craved a love she thought he was able to provide. However, the Universe had other plans.

He could sense her sadness & pain, and opened his heart the best way he knew how. Her wall was up, but a door was unlocked. Her heart was screaming from the other side to trying to let him in, but her Ego wouldn’t budge. His wall grew bigger, and the door suddenly locked. She was left confused. 

The warrior she was couldn’t give up, she refused. She casted a rope filled with love, apologies, and remorse. He grabbed ahold with a forceful anguish. He was still broken. Her energy had opened up a painful door he wasn’t used to, and all he could do was run. That was never her intention. She never wanted to bring him pain & confusion. But he wasn’t ready to bear those demons, or let someone fight those battles with him. Neither did she.

Through the battle, she realized the war was simply a mirror. He was her vision into her own self- she was fighting a similar war within & always found a way to shut others out. It always blows up, she learned. As much as the aftermath hurts, and the ripple effect will take time to heal, one of her battles was won. She had overcome, and followed the light. 


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