The human soul is beautiful and so full of love. When someone shares their heart with me, whether it be in conversation or a relationship, I feel so honored. The fact I’m trusted enough to be opened up to, to lay it all out there. It’s a heart-felt feeling! 

I’ve been blessed to have some beautiful, inside and out, humans placed intricately in my life. They’ve crossed my path at just the right times, teaching me lessons I couldn’t possibly learn on my own. Guidance, support, and love. 

When we lose, or what feels like loss, a soul we once shared a connection with, it can feel unbearable. Impossible to move on with life when we don’t have that guidance, support, or love physically near us anymore. But that’s where we need to breathe. Remind ourselves that nothing really goes away, since we are left with something. A gift. A treasure that can never be taken from us. The prize of once knowing a beautiful soul. The fact that even for a single moment, we had the opportunity to peak inside the sanctuary of love. That should make us jump for joy! 

Yes, losing anything is heartbreaking. When we lose someone close to us, someone we shared a connection with, it’s tough to watch them go. Life is so much more than what meets the eye, though! We may physically watch these souls leave- but our memories cannot be unseen, untaught, unfelt. 

Although I may not have the opportunity to be in your presence again, I’m honored that I had the chance even once. For I know in my heart, our connection is still there. I can call upon what you taught me, to keep progressing forward. I’m at peace. You’re at peace. I love you, and you love me. What is there to be sad about, when nothing really has been taken from us. 

Rip Greg- Forever in my heart, forever being guided. 



I’ve never been one to properly express my feelings, other than through a page or two. I myself don’t always know how to explain the gripping feelings that tug at my heart- yet I expect others to comfort me through it. Is that a double standard? I do know that it’s me letting myself down by setting those expectations. And I also know that there’s a difference between caring and obligation. I don’t need my heart loved by obligations, it needs to be fully consumed by whoever knows how to actually read through my pages- to truly read through my soul. 


time is merely a man-made tool to put life into perspective. money is a man-created product used to control lives. a home is built by man to shelter and contain. I want none of those things. I want love, passion, effort. All that’s created by the soul, deep within the heart. I want LIFE! 

Angel of Peace 


The days have turned into a constant question of “what day is it?”, and nights of sleep have been slim to none. It’s bizarre to me how I haven’t crashed yet- it’s fate. I’m meant to keep going, to push, to fight. Even when I have little energy to get out of bed. 
I feel cheated more than anything- robbed really. Peace was ripped from a home filled with nothing but love, and it was never the same. Until now. You’re spirits placed peace back in our hearts. It’s not fair what happened, and your story will be told. But the love you had for everyone, even those who cheated you, was merely a gift of God. I gained an abundance of real life knowledge- survival. You preached to me that I need to be strong. You put peace in my heart always. At the end of the day, you still cared. You cared.

As long as these nights may be, and as lonely as it’s going to feel- I know you’re still there. I hear you in my thoughts, and see you in my brother, and the love that poors out of my mom even though she’s I pain- you’re here, always. 

You never received the last letter I sent you, because you got sick. But in the letter I promised to fight for you. And I won’t back down on that promise. You fought for me. Your legacy shall live on. For it does in my heart, too.